Double Homicide - Horizontal Foyer Poster V2 - one line of text

2 Hours 30 Minutes
Including Interval

20 Minute Interval

Appropriate for Ages 15+ Infrequent coarse language, adult themes and comedic depictions of death.


Wheelchair Accessible

Double Homicide At The Manchester Manchester and Haberdashery Factory Outlet is an all-original musical comedy. The show explores contemporary issues through a comedic lens: tackling the fast fashion epidemic, and the toll it is taking on small business. 


Meredith Wood is running out of hope. Her manchester and haberdashery factory outlet is struggling to stay afloat; her loyal employees Finicky Felicity, Arrogant Anne, and Shameless Shanice come with problems of their own; her daughter Eliza is losing interest in her final year of school thanks to greasy new boyfriend Hunter; her oafish deliveryman Nate is in love with her; banker Mr. Ashton is after overdue mortgage repayments, and even reliable customers like Koi Pond are turning to cheaper, inferior imports. 

In desperation, she turns to a long buried piece of the past, to save her future. In walks Lawrence Kelly, a PI posing as council support, to uncover the truth and seek his due revenge. Their rivalry will be unearthed, and Meredith will do whatever it takes to leave her mark on this world. 


Show Dates

Saturday 28 October 8pm

Sunday 29 October 5pm

Thursday 2 November 8pm

Friday 3 November 8pm

Saturday 4 November 8pm

Sunday 5 November 2pm

Monday 6 November 8pm

Thursday 9 November 8pm

Friday 10 November 8pm

Saturday 11 November 8pm

Summer Bush performing on: Saturday 28th, Thursday 2nd, Saturday 4th, Monday 6th, Friday 10th
Theo Leavey performing on: Sunday 29th, Friday 3rd, Sunday 5th, Thursday 9th, Saturday 11th