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We at Fab Nobs have a huge store of props, costumes and set pieces, from specific show pieces to generic items that could be used in any number of performances! If you are interested in hiring any of these pieces, please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can find below a few commonly requested show sets of items, however this is far from all that we have. We are in the process of creating an online database of these items for your reference, and as this is an ongoing process not everything will be listed at this time.

 If you wish to enquire about something that does not appear below, please send an enquiry via the form below and we will see what we can do.


High School Musical
  • Set of 12 red school locker doors (2 half, 10 double)
  • Set of 3 Cafeteria tables – strong enough to be stood upon (may need repainting)
  • 6 x benches – strong enough to be stood upon (may need repainting)
  • 1 HSM light up sign
  • Four East High Banners – two with Wild Cats picture
  • One basketball ring and backboard
  • One On Air Sign – lights up
  • One whiteboard with red boarder
  • 19 x cafeteria trays (may need repainting)
  • Set of 6 basketballs with carry-net
  • 4 East High Letterman jackets
  • 5 cheerleader costumes, including leotard, skirt + hair bow
  • 5 pairs of red and white cheer pom poms – good quality
  • Various other props and costume items on request – eg Sharpay’s tissue box, blue fringe Sharpay Dress
  • 3 x Stalls
  • Set of belly dancer style costumes in various colours
  • Double sided cave of wonders tiger head – 1x blue side, 1x gold side
  • Jail bars
  • Ladder
  • Magic Carpet (tapestry as per movie carpet)
  • Various other props – eg baskets, fruit etc
  • Heathers’ Blazers (Red, Green + Yellow)
  • Heather Chandler skirt
  • Heather Duke skirt
  • Heather Chandler red robe
  • Martha Jumper
  • Coach Polo
  • 19 x Cafeteria trays (may need repainting)
  • 5 pairs of red and white cheer pom poms – good quality
  •  4 x Croquet mallets + Balls (Red, Green, Yellow + Blue)
  • Slurpee machine Flat
  • Other various ensemble costumes etc may be available

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