11 year old Winnie Foster wanders out into the wood where she comes across an immortal family called the Tucks. Winnie must decide whether to return to her family and grow up, or live forever with the Tucks. This beautiful family friendly show about life, love and the movement of time will finish 2022 at Fab Nobs with a bang.

Audition Dates

Rehearsal Dates

Show Dates

  • Vocal Auditions
    • Tuesday 12th July – 7-10:30pm
    • Thursday 14th July – 7-10:30pm
  • Dance Audition
    • Sunday 17th July – 2-3:30pm 
  •  Callbacks
    •  Tuesday 19th July – 7-11pm

First rehearsal will take place on Thursday 21st July at 7:30pm.

Rehearsals will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30-10:30pm and Sundays from 12-5pm. There may be some full Sunday rehearsals  (10am-5pm) closer to production week.

Photoshoot & Headshots (All cast required)– Sunday 18th September.

Production Week

  • Sunday 23rd October – Morning rehearsal, Sitz Probe
  • Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th October – Tech Rehearsals  (Cast attendance TBC)
  • Wednesday 26th Oct – Piano Dress Rehearsal  – 6-11pm
  • Thursday 27th Oct – Dress Rehearsal with band – 6-11pmFriday 28th Oct – Dress Rehearsal with Band – 6-11pm
  • Saturday 29th October – 8pm
  • Sunday 30th October – 5pm
  • Monday 31st October – 8pm
  • Thursday 3rd Nov – 8pm
  • Friday 4th November – 8pm
  • Saturday 5th November- 8pm
  • Sunday 6th November – 2pm
  • Thursday 10th November -8pm
  • Friday 11th November – 8pm
  • Saturday 12th November – 8pm

Audition Information

Please read all audition information before booking an audition!

To book an audition please go to this link and fill out all required information.

You will then receive a confirmation email, which will include an online form that is to be completed and submitted before the audition, as well as some further audition information.

Any rehearsal unavailability must be clearly stated in the section of the online audition form provided.

All auditionees (Other than those auditioning for Winnie, Hugo or Thomas) must be 16 or older at the time of auditions. 

Please familiarise yourself with the style of music and dialogue in the show.

Dance Audition

The Dance Audition will be held at Kim Annette Dance Studios, Woodbine Cres, Wantirna.

All auditionees are required to attend the dance component of the auditions.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the audition time supplied to check in and receive a number. 

There will be two parts of the dance audition. All auditionees will be required to take part in an open call, and a more advanced dance call will be run for the last 15 minutes. You may also be asked to demonstrate any tricks or acrobatics if you are skilled in this area. Please bring jazz shoes and tap shoes if you have them. Otherwise, runners are perfectly fine.

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can dance in, eg. leggings and t-shirt, tracksuit pants/shorts and singlet. Jazz shoes or runners to be worn. No skirts, tight jeans, dresses or barefeet. There will be space to warm up in prior, and a place to leave bags. Please tie up any long hair.

Vocal Audition

Vocal Auditions will take place at The Fab Factory – 33 Industry Place, Bayswater – and will take between 5-10 minutes.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your start time in order to converse with our accompanist and look through script excerpts for a ‘cold read’.

Auditionees are to prepare for memory two contrasting songs in the style of the show. Each excerpt is to be no longer than 2 minutes. At least one of the songs must show character and storytelling. Please note that you may not be asked to sing the second song.

There will be an audition pianist present – please bring sheet music in a display folder, with any cuts or changes clearly marked and ensure it is in the correct key. iPads and tablets will not be accepted. No backing tracks or acapella.

If you are auditioning for a particular character, please look closely at vocal range required and ensure your audition song clearly demonstrates your ability to sing the role.

You may be asked to do a cold read at the time of your audition. We will require a general American accent for this read. We are aware you have not seen the script before; allowances will be made for this.


There may be a call back component to the auditions, which we will notify you of soon after the dance audition. You will be sent material to prepare for these call backs, and it is expected that you have familiarized yourself with the show prior to these call backs.

Please note that if a casting decision is clear from the auditions already completed we will not conduct call backs for that role.

Please note:

  • For our records, the audition may be filmed. Any footage will be deleted after casting decisions are made. 
  • Any adult cast will need a current Working With Children Check card.
  • If accepted into the cast, memberships and show fees total $150, payable within the first month of rehearsals. Cast will also be expected to provide or purchase minimal costume items including shoes, basic clothing items, and stage makeup.
  • This is an unpaid opportunity.

Character Descriptions:

Fab Nobs supports diverse casting and welcomes performers of all gender identities, nationalities and body types to audition.

Genders in character descriptions are an indication of the way the character is scripted, not of the actors that will be considered for that role. We encourage performers to audition for any roles they feel they suit and that suit their vocal range. 

Please note: Ages listed are a guide to how characters should appear on stage, but keep in mind due to age and ageing being important elements to the story of Tuck Everlasting, when casting the roles of Winnie, Jesse, Hugo, Grandmother and Constable Joe, age will need to be strongly considered. 


Winnie Foster: A rambunctious child, or at least trying to be, Winnie is desperate to get out of her stifling life and have an adventure. She is at heart a sweet girl, if blunt in the way that children are. Meeting Jesse and the Tucks is the most exciting thing to ever happen to her, and she cannot understand why their eternal life is anything other than miraculous. Dance ability an advantage. 
(11, Female, A3 – E5, Belt to Eb5)

Jesse Tuck: Despite being over 100 years old, Jesse is still really a big kid. Playful, charming and incredibly loveable. More interested in exploring the world than contemplating his lot in life, he is the eternal youth, refusing to grow up. In Winnie he finds a kindred spirit and the first true friend in decades, and he is not willing to let that go for a thing as simple as time. Dance ability an advantage. 
(17, Male, Tenor A2 – A4) 

Miles Tuck: Only looking 21, Miles feels his century of life. He has faced the loss of his wife and child and has never been able to move on, even with endless time, and is reserved to a life of quiet suffering and loneliness. Jesse causes him endless frustration, as his brother finds joy in the life that has caused him nothing but pain. Through Winnie however; he finds the ability to reflect on his family and find some peace in his eternal life. 
(21, Male, Baritone Bb2 – F4)

Mae Tuck: Mae is a mother with no one to mother, and a wife whose husband is too depressed to acknowledge her. She lives for the short visits of her sons Miles and Jesse, when she can be her vibrant and loving self again. Winnie’s introduction into her family brings her old self back, and helps her to remember happier times and begin to look at ways to make her situation better. 
(40s, Female, Mezzo-Soprano A3 -E5)

Angus Tuck: Time is weighing on Angus, and he would like nothing more than to have no more time on this earth. Before our story he has settled himself into quiet depression, but the introduction of the innocent Winnie brings back some life and joy into his existence and causes him to relearn his appreciation for his wife and family.  
(40s, Male, Baritone Bb2 – G4)

Man in Yellow: Never named, The Man In Yellow is a mysterious and conniving villain, a carnival worker who heard the legend of the Tucks as a child. He has spent his years searching for them, wanting to sell their secret and live as a king with the secret to eternal life. He is charming to the audience in his villainy but terrifying to the Tucks and Winnie as they learn how far he will go to achieve his goals. Dance ability an advantage. 
(60s, Male, Baritone/Tenor G2 – F4)

Hugo: A sweet and shy young boy, Hugo wants nothing more than to follow in his father Joe’s footsteps by becoming his deputy. He is maybe a little too squeamish and soft hearted for the job however; and focuses heavily on rules to try to make up for it. He has a schoolboy crush on neighbour Winnie, though he doesn’t have the nerve to tell her. Dance ability an advantage. 
(13, Male, Tenor E2-G4)

Constable Joe: The typical bumbling small town local police man, Joe is a good hearted man but not particularly intelligent. His dimwitted nature provides levity to more serious scenes. This actor will also double as Older Hugo. 
(50+, Male, Baritone G2 – F4)

Betsy Foster: Recently widowed, Betsy is struggling with raising a strong willed Winnie on her own while coping with loss. She loves her daughter, but doesn’t understand her the way her father did, and this can come out in frustration and being overly controlling. May double as ensemble, minimal singing and dancing required. 
(30s, Female)

Nana Foster: Winnie’s grandmother, Nana is a free spirited and fun loving woman, happy to enjoy her later years. She often serves as comic relief in contrast to Betsy’s more stuffy demeanour. This actor will also double as Older Winnie. Minimal singing required.
(50s+, Female)

Young Boy: To play Thomas, Miles’ son, in flashbacks and Winnie’s son in flash forwards, as well as appearing in some ensemble scenes and numbers.
(Under 10, Male)

Ensemble: To play spirits, carnival workers, townspeople and more. Ensemble will also take the roles of teen and adult Winnie and Hugo, Winnie’s son, Winnie’s daughter in law, past Miles and Miles’ wife. This is an incredibly heavily featured ensemble, who will need strong harmony, dance and acting skills. Due to the wide range of roles played by ensemble, a diverse range of ages will be ideal.